Sunday, May 13, 2012


  Once in a while, I vaguely remember the times back when I would have some of these people I looked up too (or rather, deemed 'cool' back then) whom I wished I could be close friends with so that we could do fun stuff together, but at the same time, also kind of relied on luck or chance to get us together and that being said, it hardly ever happened. It wasn't until I realised that if I couldn't be close friends with them, why not be someone I would admire instead. And so I began living life in ways which me myself would be proud of, and not constantly trying to compare it to others.

  Now, I'll tell you why this way of living works so much better and brings so much more peace. Firstly, I remember reading this from a motivational book. It said, what others think of you is none of your business. It is true, because the only thing that matters is what you think of yourself for that will show through all your modes of expression. I don't give much attention to these people, but there are these who would go all the way to hate someone out of pure jealousy because the one they hate is striving and the former feels like they are not. I often wonder, of all that time they waste, they could have instead used it to work on themselves, better themselves. I finally truly get it now, what my father had always used to tell me and my sister: if you do not have anything nice to say, don't say anything. The universe is filled with such a range and variety of things, and it is absolutely okay that we wouldn't like everything. But every once in a while, we come across things which speak to our eyes and heart. Acknowledge those. You don't have to care much for the rest. Send love to the ones that you love and rest at that.

  I do not tolerate or care for jealousy, whether you are my lover, friend, someone who likes my work or even someone who just knows one thing about me. Anyone can be great; go and work on yourself, practice dedication, burn your passion, learn, vibrate love to all. And that's the only thing I feel like I have a responsibility for others. If you've noticed, I only share love, care, happiness and all that is good (except for perhaps one or two jokes. Which we create space for, don't we?). It isn't like I don't have my down days, I do. I just choose not to publish and spread them all over the place. I would rather build nice things and allow others to gain from it.

  Anyway, I have this simple handwritten poster on my room wall which serves to remind me: be someone you are proud of! I work towards that, I always do. It is all the reason why I have principles, so even with my very open mind (for learning and learning and learning), I know what I want and stand for it. Even if it means standing alone.
  Go create the life of your dreams. You will need all your time for that.


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