Saturday, January 7, 2012


(don't ask. I don't know what I spelt.)
  So I've finally got into the vibration and started out actually doing something. It's nice to actually make something and I made myself stick to it till I finished it.

  Anyway, I was listening to something wonderful perhaps because it resonated with me, but in its own way, it's also really inspiring so I'm sharing it here.

And we can feel from the power of the asking that we can feel from you that you want to write something that's uplifting and meaningful. And so our encouragement to you is to continue to make the statement that you're in the process of doing that, and when wild horses can't keep you from doing it, that's when you want to do it. And till then, keep reaching for the feeling of that. 

What you're reaching for if you want to be a really effective author, you're reaching for a feeling of eagerness about the subject that wakes you up in the middle of the night, and makes you wake somebody else up in order to tell them the idea that flowed to you. In other words, that's what it feels like.  

You don't write a book because the world needs it; and you don't write a book because your publisher has given you a deadline; and you don't write a book because you have a contract. You write a book because there is something bubbling within you that has reached the place where you are able to articulate it with such precision that putting into words that something that is burning in your belly is something that you must do, and you must do now, you see. 

And when you reach that place, write. And otherwise, do anything that you can to get to that place, which for the most part means don't try to -there's nothing that will kill the author in you like trying to write a book before you're in the vortex. There is nothing that will kill the creative juices in you; there's nothing that will destroy a business faster than trying to fix things that are broken; there is nothing that ruins a relationship more than getting to the nitty-gritty of 'what's troubling us.'  
 In other words, so many people are worried about so many things from the wrong vibrational vantage point. You want to get into the vortex, and then, and then the book writes itself. What you are is a willing, compliant, cooperative component to the energy and the book that is already amassed in your vortex, you see.
— Abraham, via 
 If you aren't so much of a writer, replace all the writing stuff with your love. It works the same way, especially when you understand.

And understanding always makes me feel better. I had been feeling a little upset, so I decided to draw. And while drawing, getting all those little details right, I listened to these. It's like tuning, you know. Like instruments being played, our lives are meant to be lived. But sometimes, after a while, we all need a little tuning, ensuring that we're still sounding okay. These make me better.

Then there are showers. It's miraculous how much clarity we can get in there. Sometimes I wonder whether it's the water flowing over us, calming. Because I know I make my best decisions in there.
Today, a kind voice spoke to me. It spoke in the gentlest way when I told it how I wasn't feeling loved. You've got to feel loved first, my dear. I think I wasn't listening, and some ramble carried on. It waited patiently, and when I was ready, it subtly reminded, you've got to get in there, the vibration. I allowed myself to be silent, and there it was. Then it patted me lightly on the back; there was so much love in it, and I allowed myself to sink into the embrace of harmony.

I'm a lot more loved now. Perhaps I always have been, but what I needed was to feel it.


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