Thursday, January 5, 2012

Enchanting Ledbury.

These are some pictures from a small town called Ledbury which we stopped by. It had these classic little stores (the post office there sold chocolates at the best prices!) and the friendliest people. We explored the shops along the main road then found a pretty lane where we took a few photos. 

Then we headed back to our car and had homemade sandwiches for lunch in the car. My mum had placed the bacon in a bottle, and that was passed back and forth along with the bag of bread. I love these holiday picnics.

santa through the window.
the town.
"Bye Street"
displays in shop windows.
meat hanging at the butcher's.
a pot of flowers.
girl running after her mother.

And then we left. We drove through roads between pieces of land like giant pieces of green paper that had floated down from the sky and landed gently there. An occasional tree sprung out, while a quaint country house often guarded the place. And I thought about how many more adventures I am to have.

There were times when I was just so tired, from all that walking and non-stop travelling, but then I would feel that those sights from my window were just too good to be missed and I would force my eyes open for just about as long more as I could.

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