Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WORST. NIGHTMARE. EVER. (no. what's worse is it actually happened)

  January couldn't leave my room silently. No, it was my month, and it had to go out loudly -completed with fireworks and everything.


  I'm in the shower, the water pouring onto my head as the soap runs off, then the alarm starts ringing.

  The first thing I think is, SHIT! I cannot believe that this is happening! And I know that I've probably attracted it because I've told myself that 'Good lord, I hope that such a thing would never happen to me.' when I found out that they had fire drills every once in a while. And I'd probably given too much energy to that.

  But anyway, I actually stand there for a few more seconds, thinking that maybe it's a false alarm and that the obnoxious shrill would go away. But it doesn't.

  So I hop out of the shower while turning off the tap. The alarm screeches through my entire being that I actually put my fingers in my ears. I cannot remember whether I dried myself, but I did feel that it would be a very bad idea to run out in the nude, so I start pulling on my clothes. I do not care whether I make it out within the three minutes allocated, or whether it's real or just a drill. I need to be seen with something on.

  Pulling up my jeans, I walk awkwardly out of the bathroom and grab my coat and purse. I didn't bother putting on a bra as my coat would cover up enough.

  Room key in purse, I reminded myself and dragged open my room door -the doors here seem to be unnaturally heavy. My jeans wasn't zipped, nor was it buttoned. I pulled up the zip, and tried buttoning it while I hopped down the stairs, but then I noticed a guy who had made his way out too staring, so I just left it -thank god for my coat.

  When we reached outside, there were the other people from the same block gathered around a lady with a board who was taking attendance. I got mine ticked, and they pointed me into a direction where we were supposed to gather.

  For some reasons unknown, they made us stand in the evening air for five minutes (I think, because I did not have a watch). It seemed to be the longest five minutes ever. Inside, my body shivered.

  The others didn't really seem to notice my (extremely) damp hair. My friend laughed when I told her what happened. And we waited.

  I had my towel around my neck, and I decided that since we didn't seem to be going back in anytime soon, I ran it through my hair, trying to dry it. Apparently, it didn't look too bad. Number one reason being nobody seem to have noticed until I told them; and number two being me checking it in the mirror the minute I got back into my room.

  The only thing that helped me feel a little better was, just before going in, the lady who marked our attendance (and told us that we did okay, but could we please be a little faster next time) saw me and said, 'Oh, I'm sorry sweetie (you probably know that niceness is my weakness. Most of the time, anyway), I didn't notice that your hair was wet.' How nice. I wondered if that meant I could just stay in my shower the next time it's a drill.

  Man. But at least it just made my life a little more interesting.

"being a writer at heart means no matter how many terrible, unbelievable things happen to you, it's okay because they will always make for good stories. i seek out experience, and things just happen around me."
-Nirrimi Hakanson


  1. Gah it sounds like one heck of a day XD Btw, LOVE the quote at the end XD I'd have it tatooed on my arm if I were into that sorta thing (No wait, what?)

    Next time, stay in the shower. Say you slipped and fell and if they complained, you'll sue.