Thursday, January 28, 2010

This very moment

  I had a weird streak today. I actually enjoyed doing maths, both maths and add maths. It's weird, coz I'm more of the 'word' kind of person. I love words, especially English words. They describe and make up my life. I seriously wouldn't mind living through words for my life. LOL! That's cool, I never actually thought of that. LOL!

Anyway, look. I just left the computer for a moment and I had inspiration of what I could write. Gah. I never have any inspiriting thoughts on the computer. Maybe coz when I'm actually seating here, my brain is on to the receive mode, like I absorb everything from the screen and not add things to it. Much??

  LOL! I don't know.

ps. I am going to use a lot of LOL! . And I'm going to always type them in capital letters coz they are acronyms and that the way you're suppose to type it if you want it to be correct. :P


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