Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Perfect(ly boring) Life

Ok, anyway, I actually do have a real diary -a real hold-able one and not a virtual one- and therefore, I am not going to pour all my thoughts here. Though as I can only come on once a week -especially now- I guess that I will probably write down whatever I want to write on here when I come on on pieces of paper and then transfer them here later.

  Anyway, here's about the perfect life. The perfect life is actually (most of the time) just an appearance, which is why it 'doesn't exist'. Think about it. If you had everything you wanted, literally everything, wouldn't you get bored? You want an iPod Touch, poof! It appears. You want a BMW,  poof! It appears. You want a cat,  poof! It appears. You want you want you want...poof! poof! poof!
 Imagine it again. Especially in sequence. When everything appears, you probably wouldn't want them anymore. Like Daughtry sings in 'Home': " Be careful what you wish for, 'cause you just might get it all.   And then some you don't want."

  The perfect life is actually boring, believe it or not.

  I don't want an all-round perfect life, but I wouldn't mind working my way towards one. :)

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