Saturday, August 9, 2014


A couple weeks ago, I bought a pot of roses that were reduced to 80p at Tesco. They blossomed after a few days, and after watering them, I watered a pot of orchids that belonged to my friend in the kitchen as well. To my friend's surprise, the orchids started to blossom. 

Both of us began to discuss excitedly about something we had always wanted to do, and I decided that it was time we started. Therefore, a few days later, we made a trip to the city and bought a few sacks of soil, pots and packets of seeds. 

As soon as we arrived home, I got busy mixing the soil and picking the seeds I wanted to plant before sprinkling them into the soil. 

They then started sprouting the days after. Each day after I returned home from work, I would water and check on them. It was such a simple yet lovely delight to have something so uplifting to care for, and this love is probably something I inherited from my dad who enjoys gardening so very much himself. Here are some photos of the seedlings. 

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