Friday, December 20, 2013

Joy, is feeling the scattering of light all over you.

The first semester of my last year in university made me feel like fruit packed solidly into a jam bottle. It was good in its way, me trying to balance everything I wanted with these two arms of mine, but there were times when I was stressed out of my mind. For some odd reason, I built those up inside of me without releasing them through some creative outlet like I used to do, so when they did make their way out, it was in pipe bursts. 

Anyway, I have decided to join the #Flickr12Day contest just to have a creative photo project of my own again. I am going to take a photo a day, each exploring the ways to express and/or portray joy. Wenkai modelled for me in my first one (the reason there are two not just one photo here is because I couldn't decide which conveyed joy better). 

On Flickr: 1, 2.

And here's an instagram photo to put you in the festive mood! 

I hope your holidays are wonderful!


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