Thursday, June 14, 2012

This is a post of appreciation.

Which also means that it's a post of love. And it is for you. Yes, you. You who read my blog; you who supports me in the most unselfish way ever. You beautiful being. Everyone of you. And here's my chance to express my gratitude.

  When I started out photography -or even reading, writing, or anything else I love-, I did it because I enjoyed it. It made me (at the very least, somewhat close to) happy, and it never bored me. I remember going around my house with my little 5 megapixels point-and-shoot camera and shot anything I thought would make an interesting picture. Sometimes I even just stayed in one spot.

  Looking back at those photos give me the cringes. Not so much because they were bad or anything, but because those were such 'nothing pictures' of random objects and I have grown to demand more from myself.

  Expanding my skills came with not just one satisfaction, but a few joys. I don't think I'd deliberately wanted it, and so it came as pleasant surprises that the loveliest of my friends and even every once in a while, strangers, let me know how much they support my work. Those pretty words make my heart swell like a blooming bud on steroids, rendering my ability to thank them verbally somewhat too minute.

  I was told yesterday that looking at my photos made my friend happy, and that, was like hitting the bullseye of all the right emotions! Or even the simplest comment of 'your photos are amazing' (which they may or may not be. Yet.) makes my heart smile its biggest smile despite its lack of a mouth. I'll tell you here, all of you, all of those who have supported me and even those who will, that I don't quite know how to thank you. Even if I repeat thank you thank you thank you, it still feels like it falls short. I guess that the best I know how to do for now is continue what I love and share them with you, in best hope that it'll inspire you to live the same (that is, enjoying that which those who don't quite understand might call as work).

  I know that I hope to be even bigger someday, to spread my influence further. However, I remember that "Some men go fishing all their lives not knowing it's not just fish they're after." You are the companions, the ones whom I share stories with while waiting for the jerk at the end of the rod. (To be honest, without you, I'll be with a book to keep me company. But one can't just live only on books, one needs to live as well; and that means mingling with others. So sometimes I go with people, sometimes with books. Maybe sometimes, on my own, just to watch the scenery and enjoy my own company.) In the end, the friends who mean the most to me are the ones who truly know how to rejoice and be happy for me. You are the precious ones. And I'll try to say it again, thank you

Haven't you heard? I shoot.
A self-portrait with smiling eyes, my new top hat and the bubble gun I'd bought for creating pictures with bubbles (if you noticed it, I love the spray created by a few bubbles that burst). 
One of the best things I've found out that I love about photography: it allows me to think up crazy ideas and play around with stuff normally handled by children without appearing too mentally unstable. (maybe) Thus the contrast between the top hat and the bubbles.


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