Tuesday, August 30, 2011

those feelings.

I remember every sunset, I remember every word you said
We were never going to say goodbye

It has been raining ever since I got back. It would most probably be toaster-hot here if it weren't for those heavenly drops, therefore there are no complaints. Besides, I mostly stay within the roof of my home all day.

I think I now get what it means to be inspired by your childhood. So many things here remind me of the younger me whose head was filled with dreams which she wore on proudly despite it being an oversized coat. Everything brings back feelings, and it is almost like I've never been gone. It's a little hard not to be motivated. I haven't been quite so inspired in a long while.

Now excuse me while I go work on those impulses. ;)


  1. @Madeline: LOL!!!!! It's 'Angel', not 'angle'. ;) But thanks for commenting ^ ^

    @valentine: Thanks!! :)

  2. Your words are being heavenly rain drops for me dear little friend ...