Tuesday, March 1, 2011

give me some privacy

 So here are some photos from photoshoot back then when I didn't yet have Ever and I took these with my first point and shoot camera. 

    I'd got one of these torches which you had to work it with your hand to make it light up because it did not require any batteries. I liked the colour its light made, so just before a shower one night, inspiration flashed and before I even realised it, I was unlocking the bathroom door and making my way out to get my camera and a tripod.

  But really, the thing about this is, what is privacy? In fact, do we really need privacy? If we do, why then? Is it bad for everyone to really know you? Really know you. As in every little thing, every tiny bit that makes you up.

But we'll never know that. We couldn't. 

  And for balance, sometimes, we need to close our doors. Spend time with ourself. 
Just ourself.

*photos all belong to me :)