Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm back

Hey, I'm finally back after weeks. :) And a number of things have happened. Lee Dewyze finally won American Idol (Yay!). I received something pretty awesome and had to give it back coz it wasn't good enough -which is such a pity. Because although it wasn't much, it was still something, you know. And I'm sorry that I cannot reveal it here, it's really kind of confidential.

  Anyway, I'll try harder. Maybe I should think less about you, blog. LOL! Yeah, seriously, I think too much about you, what to write here and everything. And I might need to stop or lessen it for a few months for me.

  Oh, and I had another dream. Which made me start (writing) a new story. Coz I said that I was so over you until maybe the next dream. And I think that was the next dream. It's not really who you think it is -and you'll never guess. Don't even bother trying.
  I need to work harder and spend more time on my studies. Mostly coz I have amazingly huge dreams -people are surprised. They think it's absurd. Well, we'll see.

  Will be writing. :)

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