Friday, February 19, 2010


Hey, I'm back.

Having (slightly more than) a weeks holidays, and I wasted most of it boring my ass off. I was out of town and now I'm glad to be home again, though being home seems to bring back all those complicated feelings I got rid of while I was away.

Proof of how bored I was. Though I actually had lots of fun photographing these, which also made me sweat like hell coz of the blazing sun and its heat that seeps right through the walls into the house.

This makes me think of Dracula. Why? Don't ask. I just had that feeling that Dracula might have something like this in his house.

Besides, I spent the whole lot of time looking for inspiration.
I've got a half-finished drama script which I have like a few days more to complete, a public speaking script -which if I don't finish, my friend might just black-mail me. See the trouble I'm in? Even when I can't squeeze anything out from this brain of mine and prefer blogging to writing those.- and um...oh, yeah, random short stories that I have to write within 'school sensor limits' which I seriously can't produce now and now only.

Damn crap.
Every damn day's the same shade of grey. I said that I need a new change. Seriously, I do. 
I need to get away from all of this and everything.

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